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Your Plumbing partner!

Barona VVS is a plumbing company based on the south-east of Norway, operating in Østfold, Akershus, Oslo and Buskerud, -and we can also assist with jobs all over Norway.

We offer customized installation and contract solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

-If you are looking for a reliable staffing and recruitment partner in the HVAC sector, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call, and let’s talk!

At Barona VVS, we specialize as contract assistants in plumbing installations. Our aim is to strengthen our clients’ installation delivery with reliable, high-quality execution.

Whether you need assistance with assembly, outsourcing parts of your plumbing job/contract, Barona VVS has the right expertise to meet your needs.

"foto: Brødrene Dahl"

Miljøfyrtårn certified

We are Miljøfyrtårn certified. This means that our business takes sustainability seriously, and has met strict requirements for: working environment, procurement, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics.

Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene Dahl is our supplier of equipment and parts within the plumbing segment.

“In all the work we do, it’s essential for us to understand our clients and their unique needs, and provide the most effective solutions. We are committed to finding the right team to execute, whether it’s heating, plumbing, drainage or sanitation.”

Kristian Nebell, CEO, Barona VVS AS

Contact us

Address: Barona VVS AS, Verket 22, 1534 Moss 931 598 651

Joakim Vo Eliassen
Joakim Vo Eliassen Project Manager
+47 951 70 742
Anna Karas
Anna Karas Administration, Salary and Invoice
+47 947 97 884
Rafal Stasiak
Rafal Stasiak Construction Manager
+47 916 42 597